If you've ever lost a woman you love...

"I Will Show You Exactly How To
Get Your Ex Back, Even If Your Situation
Appears Hopeless And Especially If
You Are The Only One Trying"

If You Are Currently Happy Being Alone While Your Ex Is Out
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This May Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read.

From The Desk Of Bill Preston:

I know if you are here right now you are probably in a great deal of heart ache and pain. I know exactly how you feel... and I have been there too... it's not somewhere I ever want to be again.

You already know how hard it is to go through a painful break up. You feel pain, sadness, despair and might even have physical symptoms of depression.

You don't want to do anything and feel like there is absolutely nothing you can do to get her back.

In fact, everything you are currently doing isn't working, and you are losing control of even your own emotions. Nothing you enjoyed before sounds fun, and you find yourself thinking about her continuously.

Maybe even you call or text her constantly, but when you do get a hold of her, everything you do backfires. You find her pulling away from you more and more. She won't answer her cell phone when you call, and you're pretty sure she sees your name coming up on her phone and ignores it.

When you do talk to her, she's distant, and then she just says stuff like 'well, I'm confused...' or 'let me have some time.' But you know she's just putting you off. WORSE: You're talking to her on the phone and she gets another call - and you just KNOW it's some other guy, even if she says it isn't.

I've been there and it SUCKS. It is literally the worst feeling in the world.

Well I have some good news below and you are going to want to read every word on this page. But first...

Let Me Tell You My Story

The day we met was one of those moments I had only read about: when lightning seemed to strike when our eyes met across the room. I actually had a chill run down my spine, which had never before happened to me.

We stared at each other for a moment before she shyly looked down. Her eyelashes were so long they left a shadow on her cheek. At that moment, I was irresistibly drawn her way and I’ve felt that way ever since.

Within A Week, We Were Living Together

Within three months, we had our first break up. It was over something stupid that mainly had to do with me not appreciating her enough. The second one was just as stupid. And the third one, well that was my fault. I accused her of cheating on me with this mega rich guy who was after her.

I was acting so jealous she just couldn't take it and broke up with me again. This third and last break-up was the one that nearly killed me. I figured it would be like our previous patterns: mope around for a few weeks and then realize we couldn’t live without one another and get back together.

Then I Found Out Some Devastating News

She had started dating this dot.com millionaire. Yes, a millionaire, most likely a multi-millionaire. To make matters worse, he was a young, handsome politician, as well, who ran in the highest social circles. He had a standing reservation at The Four Seasons restaurant. He had a penthouse in a posh apartment building. He had a chauffeur for crying out loud.

And then there was me. I lived in a sixth floor walkup. With roommates. Well one, who was a slob. I had a crap job that I hated. I barely had money to pay on our dates. In the year we had been dating, I had developed a small paunch (Hey, we ate out a lot). I was not the ideal bachelor for any woman, nonetheless, a woman like her.

As I wallowed in my despair, I vowed to never go through that misery again. I was going to get her back and keep her and that was all there was too it. I started looking at what I had done in the past to salvage our relationship and realized that it had just been a temporary fix. I needed something that would end our vicious cycle of getting back together and breaking up again. Luckily for my sanity and physical health what I discovered was...

A Proven Formula That Would Get Her Back

It was something I hadn’t tried before. It wasn’t an overnight fix, but it got my girl back and now she's my fiancée. Let me share what I did to make sure I never had to try to get my ex-girlfriend back again. It is awesome and effective and has worked for every single guy I’ve told about it.

I am thrilled to be able to share this method with you. It has literally changed my life permanently and I know it can change yours.

It isn’t rocket science, but it isn't a quick fix, either. You have to be willing to put in the time to work this plan. It doesn’t cost any additional money but you might decide that you need to be more careful about how you use the money you already spend.

This book truly is life changing. I’ll tell you a little secret, this book is about getting your ex-girlfriend back, but in the process, you will change your life.

At the end of this book, if you don’t have your ex-girlfriend back it’s because you have come to the conclusion that you don’t want or need her back.

Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms?

You are utterly terrified that she's out having fun with another man?
You feel that you lost your one shot with the perfect girl, and you will never find someone like here again?
You are spiraling into depression and feel that there is no hope?
You spend hours wishing that you could just get her to understand how you feel so the she will fall back in love with you?
You find yourself endlessly rehearsing what you will say to her when you see her to win her back?
You continuously feel that you are losing control of your thoughts and even your actions?

The real problem with having these feelings is they start to not only take over your thoughts, but they are so insidious that they actually start to take control of your actions.

You start doing things you would never dream of doing. Calling her continuously, maybe even spying on her to see if she's with someone else.

All of these things are very destructive to not only any chance of getting back together, they emotionally destroy you - making you less likely to even meet someone new in the future.

Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes With Your Ex?

Are you apologizing over and over for the reason for the break up?
Do you find yourself trying to convince her that she's the love of your life?
Are you promising to change anything about yourself to make her happy so she will take you back?
Are you constantly fighting the urge to call her and beg her to take you back?

Well I've experienced every single one of these painful emotions and made every mistake possible... but I vowed to never put myself through a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually debilitating break-up again.

After going through the steps I will outline in this book, I was astonished to find that my stunning ex-girlfriend, who has probably fought off men chasing her since she was five, actually pursued me.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say she begged to get back together, but there were some tears involved. I think I was the first guy she ever pursued. All because of some things I learned during our last and final breakup.

Here Is How I Can Help You

If you have broken up and want desperately want her back, obviously I can't take the time talk too or be with everyone, I just don't have enough time... but I have done what I believe to be the next best thing...

I have put my proven solution into a really easy to follow Get Her Back Formula.

This Program Will Teach You..

How to quickly become the type of man that she really desires
The right way to re-spark her attraction, without losing control or your dignity
A fool-proof method to have her begging you to get back together
Once you do get her back, how to keep her and avoid the mistakes that caused the original break up
and much, MUCH more.

WARNING! This isn't For Everyone

This product works so well, that I worry that it may be used by guys who are not good people. This product isn't for manipulative jerks get women back who are better off in life without them.

This product isn't for you if you are any of the following:

Someone who dislikes women
A guy who uses techniques to manipulate women
Someone who wants to get his ex back for his own ego (not because he loves her)
Any other type of whacko

OK? So if that is you, please do not order this program. Seriously, this about helping GOOD guys get their girl back. But...

If You Are A Good Guy Who
Wants To Rekindle Your Relationship

Then take my hand and let me show you EXACTLY how to get your girl back. I created this amazing product, which is basically EVERYTHING I've learned and perfected throughout my own personal journey to get my girl back.

I mean, this is STEP by STEP stuff that is completely broken down and ready to be applied. And it works EVERY time.

And it will work for you. Regardless of how bad the break up was or how hopeless you feel.


The Get Her Back Formula

Here's What You Will Get When You
Discover The Get Her Back Formula...

Most girls break up with guys for a set of very simple reasons, and almost no man knows what they are! I'll reveal what these reasons are, and how to maneuver around them a like a wide receiver to win her back (pg 14-17)
All relationships go through the same stages, and there are pitfalls that you need to avoid at all costs. I'll show you exactly what to expect in each phase and how to become a relationship rock-star in the process (17-21)
What to expect to feel and experience during the breakup (and how to deal with each) during your break up (pg 22-48)
You will be able to recognize the various stages of grief and will have an action plan to deal with each of them during the healing process (pg 22-48)
What to expect to feel and experience during the breakup (and how to deal with each) during your break up (pg 22-24)
How to deal with the heartache that is normal during a break up (pg 25-29)
The secret to letting your resentment go over anything she did and how to use it as a tool to improve your relationship (pg 29-42)
You will understand how jealousy, insecurity and fear manifests itself in a relationship and how to deal with all three once and for all (pg 42-88)
The right way to date (not only her, but any other women in your life) whether it is during the break up phase, or later on if you have decided that she'sn't the perfect one for you (pg 82-89)
How to keep the passion alive once you are back together so you never have to experience a painful break up again (pg 111-127)
Things to avoid doing at all costs during a break up if you want your girl back and want to retain any semblance of your dignity and sanity (pg 49-52)
Things to avoid doing at all costs during a break up if you want your girl back and want to retain any semblance of your dignity and sanity (pg 49-52)
and much, MUCH more.

Just Imagine Getting Get Her Back And Being Able To...

Have fun with her, like you used to...
Enjoy a healthy, happy sex life...
Restore your personal well being, sanity and health...
Sleep restfully again...
Focus on other important parts of your life, such as your career and future.
Feel content, knowing that you are with the person you love.

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Learning how to resolve conflicts if absolutely critical to mastering your ability to manage relationships. This program is about how to handle not only disagreements in a relationship between you and a woman, but conflicts of interest and grievances that come up on your part towards her or on her part towards you.

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In this program exclusively available as a bonus to The Get Her Back Formula, you will learn how to celebrate your relationship every day and how to be grateful for the moments you share and create together. Learn why you will reap huge rewards by not having a sense of entitlement ... and by really making sure to give to the other person out of love.

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Magic happens when you put your full attention on your partner's relationship values. This exercise will allow you to share these values with your partner and will expose her values to you so you always know how to treat her.

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This exclusive bonus 90 minute audio program will teach you exactly why women have sex. You will learn how a woman's "emotional logic" works - and how she makes her mind up about whether she wants to have sex with you.

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But First, Let Me Answer Some
Questions You May Have...

QUESTION: How easy is "The Get Her Back Formula" to use?

If you can read a book and follow some simple directions, you can do this.

Yes, it's that easy.

I'm going to be there explaining The Get Her Back Formula, and walk you through the whole program from start to finish.

QUESTION: How long will it take?

The Get Her Back Formula is a comprehensive course, but it won't take you longer than a few days to go through it. (You could blast through it in a day, but I wouldn't recommend it - you'd probably have to call in sick to work... :) It's best to take your time and just sit back and absorb all the concepts and then start applying them

The best part of The Get Her Back Formula is that you will start learning and using this material RIGHT AWAY. We'll cover the entire system, as well as translate it into things YOU can do to re-ignite the interest of your ex.

QUESTION: How do I know it will work for ME?

In this program, you're going to get a set of powerful steps to take (as well as many other tools) that completely break down the tactics, techniques, and strategies to get her back into your arms.

Look, most guys will never understand how to keep a woman happy, because they don't know the exact steps and techniques to keep her addicted to you. They're deep-down "nice guys" who just want to be able to sustain the attraction in their women, without acting like someone they aren't.

This isn't about changing who you are, or being a manipulative slimeball.

This is a real, usable method that YOU can use. As you probably know by now, I never teach anything that is disrespectful or hurtful to women in any way.


The Get Her Back Formula will get you the results you want - guaranteed - whether you're just looking to make some small tweaks in your relationship, or more importantly if you want to do a complete makeover and really start pushing the envelope and get her addicted to you in your relationship.

Because the fact is that the next guy your girlfriend runs into could be her next boyfriend if you're not careful. The only way to really secure your relationship against this type of guy is to get her back quickly and be the man that she desires.

You can't afford to ignore the information that could be your only hope to get your woman back to YOU.

The Complete Get Her Back Formula System

The Complete Get Her Back Formula

The Get Her Back Formula signup

Why Should You Believe Me?

Listen, I bet you're skeptical, and I don't blame you one bit. That's fine.

Here's what you should know...

1. I've been a dating adviser to men for over 9 years now. I've been helping guys get success with women and keep them consistently - with my coaching and programs.

And another reason...

2. I've been the guy who had no clue how to get my woman back after we've broken up. It took me a lot of work, but I finally figured out the magical "balancing" act you need to do to get her back and create irresistible attraction with your ex, without appearing like you are working to hard or losing your dignity. If you mess this balance up, you wind up not only without her, but also without any hope of finding another woman in your life? The "sweet spot" is where you get her back and rekindle that intoxicating attraction in her where she literally becomes addicted to seeing you and being with you again.

And don't forget...

3. I've helped thousands of guys rekindle their relationship and create amazing bonds with women. I've completely broken down the behavior that works - and what doesn't work. I've taken what works and applied it to my system and tossed aside what didn't work.


4. This program breaks down the complete Get Her Back Formula into a process that ANYguy can use to get his ex back - without having to lose their dignity and control, or become someone they are not in any way...

And finally...

5. I really hate hype. I'm not one of those guys that's going to promise you the moon and stars and then not be able to deliver it.

Everything in this program is something I created and have used in my own real life relationships - stuff that REAL guys like you and me can USE - to not only get her back, but keep her back for good. No insane material that makes you recoil in shock and fear and lose your dignity - only realistic, ground level tactics and techniques that you will actually put to work right now.

What Guys Are Saying About
The Get Her Back Formula

"I Missed Work Today, Because I Ended Up Reading This Book TWICE Last Night!"

I started reading this book and after only a few minutes I couldn’t stop.

I was constantly seeing myself in the words on the page. This book touched on everything, and made me realize that what I was currently feeling wasn’t wrong, but very natural.

In fact it was the right thing to be feeling. I thought back as the author explained all the stages of grief and saw myself in each and every one.

I felt an overwhelming feeling of power when I realized I had finally reached the acceptance stage and was ready for the next step.

- Tyler C.

"Pure Genius"

I just picked this up and have to say, reading it completely changed me.

This book walked me through the stages of grief I was feeling and allowed me to repair my life.

I am now in contact with my ex girlfriend and realize what I was doing wrong to push her away.

We have a date tomorrow night, so I am going to reread the section on the first meet up after the breakup again.

- Matt T.

"Thank You! Thank You!"

Wow. This product is incredible Bill, thanks for everything! After reading the Get Her Back Formula, I not only have my ex girlfriend calling me all the time to hang out, I actually decided that maybe she wasn't the one for me after all.

In fact, I have re-entered the dating scene with my new found confidence and have three dates lined up for this week.

You not only showed me exactly how to get my ex back (which is what I originally wanted), but you gave me the skills to actually choose what women I want in my life.

I feel like a changed man.

- Dominique S.

All This For The Incredibly Low Price Of $97 $27

The Complete Get Her Back Formula

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So What Are You Going To Do Now?

Are you going to be like most guys who experience a painful breakup and just keep doing desperate things that are not working, secretly hoping that your ex will magically want you back? Or are you going to join the small group of guys who have learned the secret to rekindling their relationship to a point that is even more powerful than it was when you first were madly in love with each other?

Now that I've explained how I will teach you how to instantly begin the process of getting your ex back, there's nothing left to do but act on this now.

Within minutes of starting this program, you will have a proven strategy that guys have used to successfully regain the power in their relationship and get their girl back. This product is guaranteed to get your woman back, even if you feel that the situation is completely hopeless!

This Low, Low $27 Special Offer Price Is Guaranteed ONLY FOR TODAY

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Order with confidence, your personal information remains 100% confidential.

You Can See It All Risk-Free!

money back guarantee

5 Reasons You Must Know This Formula

1. For less than price of flowers, you could Easily Master The Secret To Get Your Ex Back.

2. When your ex starts calling you begging to see you... When you're filled with a core confidence in yourself and your relationship... When she not only is in love with you, but she respects you... you'll realize this was a great choice.

2. Thousands of guys have already changed their life with this program. In fact, this material is proven to work in the most hopeless situations, so it will work for you.

3. You owe it to yourself to finally be happy and get the woman back that you deserve.

4. While the techniques shown in this product are simple to learn, they are incredibly effective at generating long term happiness - regardless of your current situation.

5. Your private information is kept private by the most advanced information protection software available today. Not even a hacker can gain access to your private information.

So If You're Ready To Get Her To Fall Back In Love With You And Have Decided To Take The Next Step And Began This Easy, Step By Step Process Here's Exactly What You NEED to Do, Right Now

Step 1. Click the "Add To Cart" button below.
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Step 4. Instantly Download The Get Her Back Formula.
Step 5. Learn exactly how to easily get her back.

Remember, the sooner you apply what you are shown, the sooner she will be back in your arms where she belongs.

The Complete Get Her Back Formula

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How Can You Only Charge $97 $27
For Such An Amazing Product?

Here's the deal: I have personally HAVE spent thousands of hours learning, refining and teaching guys how to get their ex back over the past 9 years, so I can now teach you exactly what to do in a step-by-step formula.

I've put in a ton of time, and effort into understanding exactly how to get a girl back imaginable, so you don't have to.

I created The Get Her Back Formula to SAVE YOU TIME & HEARTACHE from having to guess your way through getting your ex back on your own and going through all the mistakes and pain that you would experience if you were to do it on your own.

Here's to getting your ex back and I'll see you on the inside.

Your friend,

Bill Preston
Dating Coach and PUAForums.com Owner
Author, The Get Her Back Formula

For any questions, please contact me at: bill@thegetherbackformula.com

P.S.: The Get Her Back Formula is just packed with all of my best techniques that are proven to trigger that magical physical and emotional response called ATTRACTION with your ex. When you are finished this product, you’ll have an education and understanding of how to get your woman back. Free Bonuses as my gift to you for giving the The Get Her Back Formula program a try. You have nothing to lose with my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

P.P.P.S.: My experience has shown that if you wait to get started on the path of getting your ex back using the right method, chances are you lose her to another guy. It's too easy to procrastinate and over analyze every little thing. Don't let that stop you from getting off your "butt" and get moving now. CLICK HERE to get your program RIGHT NOW.

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Get The Complete Program Now

The Complete Get Her Back Formula

Do This Next To Claim Your Copy:

1. Click on the orange button below to be taken instantly to our 100% secure online order form.

2. Fill out the short form and in just 2 short minutes you will be able to download your copy of The Get Her Back Formula System, along with all the bonuses. Instantly. No waiting for anything to ship.

3. Watch your email for the confirmation and login instructions.

FYI: Your free bonuses will be included in your order package right now.

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"Just What The Doctor Ordered"

I am so glad I read this. At first I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say you really delivered the goods.

I now realize exactly why she broke up with me, and have the skills to never let that happen again. We are now dating again and I couldn't be happier. Before I felt like I was chasing her (even while we were a couple), but now I feel like she is chasing me and trying to earn my approval.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without your advice, you clearly exactly how to rekindle the attraction with women.

I truly can say that this product worked wonders for me. I am forever grateful for your help.

- Eric B.

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